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Fintech is becoming more playful, and it's finally becoming cool.
Let’s take a look at how some of these futuristic Fintech companies have launched themselves as stylish and engaging ‘must haves’
N26-FinTech startup

N26’s slogan is “Banking. But without the bullshit.”

Their colors, logo and typeface were carefully chosen to reflect who they are as a bank. With more than 2 million customers worldwide in 24 countries, they are on a journey towards becoming a global brand.

Monzo 'Banking made easy'

Monzo is a banking app and card that helps with budgeting. Launched in 2015, Monzo propelled itself to the top of Millennials mental ‘Wish Lists’ by publicly communicating a very long waiting list.
In turn, Monzo positioned themselves as a much wanted, desired and exclusive service - only available to the few… (and maybe even the cool). They managed to create a ‘hype’ around the brand, incubating an audience full of excitement and anticipation.
Revolut banking

Revolut 'A Radically Better Account'

Revolut is a digital banking alternative with a punchy mission: to turn the financial banking sector on its head. With Revolut, users can set up an app-based current account in minutes, spend abroad in over 150 currencies with no hidden fees, hold and exchange 29 currencies in-app and send domestic and international money transfers without rubbish exchange rates.
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