“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”
(Paul Rand)

Design builds credibility and brand recognition by creating a consistent visual language, providing an instant connection to your services or offerings. ... Good design is part of your business strategy and you will reap the benefits and create a better experience for your customers. Once we have travelled through the design process we offer our clients a few options to choose from.


This is where you get to see your brand start coming together, brainstorm and collect images for inspiration. Building a moodboard will give a clear direction and keep you focused.

Your logo is the face of your company and will be the number one thing your customers, competitors and pretty much everyone else on the planet associates with your business from now to forever.
Better get it right!

The technical stuff

The ability to draw next-level shapes and save them as a vector file that can be liberally resized, without the loss of quality, makes Illustrator the most apt tool.

Your logo is an identity that needs to meet 3 criteria. It has to be simple, appropriate, and unique. Somebody should be able to look at your logo for 5 seconds, turn around, and then draw a logo that could only resemble your logo on a blank piece of paper.

Let's go!

Your logo should incorporate your brand voice keywords and be able to blend well with the rest of your mood board.

In this instance the Muskox logo represents strength, solidarity and reliability. It is simplistic and give the clients a message without words.

Any questions left?

At 'ak' we consider ourselves to be the go-to experts in the field Web Design , Branding, Marketing and Video. We know how to provide a fully rounded service that has the power to take your business from the early stages of conception to the top of the business ladder. We get involved at every level of project management and provide you with solutions that work within your budget and timescale. We can help you propel your business forward, and future-proof your brand.
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