Content Management Systems

A content management system allows 'non-coders' to be able to update website text and images without fear of breaking anything.
By building your website with a content management system (or 'CMS') you can manage your website yourself by logging into a separate administrator area. This keeps things cost effective for you (meaning you don't have to pay a web designer just to update a line of text), and keeps things secure as your access will be specially tailored to only the areas you want to update.
A simple consultation before launching your website will allow us to determine which elements of the website you want access to and we can then provide that access along with instructions for you and your staff.

Wordpress & Joomla

Here at AK Creation we can supply the 2 most popular content management systems... Wordpress or Joomla.
If you have any questions on which content management system is right for you, then please get in touch with us anytime where we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.
Content Management Systems