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Kings Cross Ghostsigns- Social History told through advertising

Let's hunt out some ghosts near Kings Cross Station... On this tour you will be investigating ghosted or faded signs of the past, these days commonly referred to as 'ghostsigns' – outdated advertisements or company branding that can still be seen above today's streets. These hand-painted advertisements were applied directly onto the walls by specialist artisans, commissioned either by well-known companies to sell their branded products or by local businesses keen to attract passing trade.
The Kings Cross area, one of London's major transport hubs, used to be slathered with this type of signage. You'll get to see some of the marvellous examples that remain. You'll hear about the businesses, brands and people behind the signs – innovative inventions, bogus potions and bygone products, as well as big names that are still going strong today.
This almost circular walk starts and finishes a stone's throw from Kings Cross Station. It is just over a mile long and lasts a minimum of 90 minutes – please allow an extra 15mins as questions and discussions can often lengthen the tour.

2nd Feb


Location: Kings Cross London N1 9NR

Admin: £9-£12

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