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The opportunity on LinkedIn in 2019 is massive. As you read this, people are using the platform to generate more sales, build their brands and create communities around the ideas they care about. It’s their business’s secret weapon. But how exactly are they doing it? This talk shines a light on just that.
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Whether you’re a LinkedIn veteran or yet to sign up, Ben Bradbury delivers actionable strategies that you can implement straight away to start your year off right. LinkedIn is all about relationship building, so there will be plenty time to network. Just don’t forget to send a LinkedIn request…

What You'll Take Away:

1.The one BIG mistake everyone makes that stops their profile getting noticed by the right audience

2.What features LinkedIn’s pushing in 2019 and how to take advantage

3.Tools and tricks used by salespeople and marketers to get more leads

4.How to use ‘power networking’ to connect with people normally out of your reach

Wed, 13th February 2019

6.30-7.30pm GMT

Location GA London, The Relay Building 1st Floor, 114 Whitechapel High Street London

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