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Shipping and Fulfillment
A lot of effort into making sure your customers have a great experience. But when it comes to shipping, it can feel like you’re handing your brand over to a stranger.
Shipping is a key part of your business. It’s the point where a customer finally experiences your product in person, and it can also represent a major expense in your business, depending on your shipping strategy.
Having a defined shipping strategy is very important. Here we have an overview of everything you’ll need to know to make the best choice for your business.


Rates and Methods.
Will you pass the full cost of shipping on to your customers or will you offer free or flat-rate shipping to absorb some or all of the cost? How will you get orders to your local customers?

Shipping rates and methods

There are several common methods, but your choice should always be informed by the underlying financials of your business.
Offer Free Shipping - Charge Real-Time Carrier Rates - Charge a Flat Rate

Shipping costs

All shipping couriers base shipping rates on a variety of factors including: Package size - Package weight - Origin address - Destination address
Plus additional shipping options like tracking and insurance.

Packaging and marketing

Today people are looking for shipping, packaging and presentation as part of the ecommerce experience.

This means that for many businesses going above and beyond to impress customers and exceed their expectations by delivering an experience, not just a product.

Packaging inserts and presentation can be an effective way to set yourself apart.

Packaging options

You’ll need to package your items for safe transport. There are a few common options for packaging including boxes or envelopes (padded or unpadded). For many businesses and products, you’ll use a box as well as some other packaging materials to safely ship your products.

Insurance and tracking

Depending on what you’re selling and its value, shipping insurance and tracking can offer a great deal of security. With most carriers, insurance and tracking is relatively inexpensive and provides you recourse should one of your packages get lost or damaged.

Business accounts

Business accounts offer a variety of services including discounts, better expense tracking, and a whole host of online tools to more efficiently manage the shipping aspects of your business.

Labelling your packages

Once you have figured out your presentation, packaging, return policy, carrier, and costs, you’ll need to determine how you want to label your packages. Many new ecommerce entrepreneurs start off by writing the ship-to and return addresses on the package by hand. Although this can be a great way to start, it tends to be time consuming, tedious, and not scalable as your business grows.
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