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The pandemic has impacted businesses around the world. Small business owners are having to come up with new creative ways to make money online.
There are many different tools and resources available to small businesses right now, no matter what industry they are in.
To keep things moving, many people are finding creative ways to meet their customers’ needs or pivoting completely to offer new products or services.
Reach out to your community, they want to support you but you need to communicate how they can do that. Post updates on social media and send emails to your email lists. It reminds them that your business is here and they can continue supporting it.

Provide something that is needed

An example of one industry hit hard, The foodservice industry. Many are thinking creatively with how they can increase their revenue without opening their doors.
If you are offering delivery, you could also create something not on your menu to sell. You can create meals that are easy to heat up or can be frozen. You can also create a custom meal by bundling a few of your items together.
If you have excess ingredients you could create Meal Kits with simple recipes that include the raw ingredients. With so many stores sold out of products and people wanting to avoid shopping in stores, this can be a great option.
Another idea would be to teach people your craft with videos or online events. Cooking , baking or new receipes you would like to share. All this will invite your community into your world.

Focus on help, value and brand awareness

Transparency with our customers: Be transparent about what your business is going through. Customers can empathize with brands facing similar situations. Shift strategy to online: Engage on social media, put your email list to good use or try video to reach new leads.

Augment your blog articles with video.

People may want to learn something new or train a new skill. Leverage the demand by creating informative and explainer videos. The more value addition you contribute, the more chances are your content will go viral.
In this difficult time, we have to rely on our wits and innovation to keep our businesses strong. We’re all in this together so we want to hear from you! What are your questions or ideas?
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