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Building a brand is not easy
Essential branding blocks that small business owners need to understand when trying to build a brand around their business.
  • 1. PURPOSE
  • 2. VISION
  • 3. MISSION
  • 4. VALUES


Your brand purpose is the reason behind why your brand exists. This goes beyond business reasons and taps into human emotions. Your business provides a product or service for your audience, but brands that align themselves to a purpose of greater good, shouting for something they can be proud of.
As your brand grows, alongside your audience towards that shared view of a better world, an emotional bond is formed.


Where you want your business to be in the future? Project your brand into the distant years and painting a picture of that future brand. How many offices, employees and customers will you have? How do your customers see your brand and how have you impacted their lives?
When you understand where you are going, you subconsciously communicate that through your actions and behaviours. Example of a vision statement -

Instagram: Capture and share the world’s moments.

Articulate your vision into a statement of intent.


If your purpose is the “Why” of your business and your vision is the “Where”, then your mission is the “How”. How are you going to achieve your future brand?


Brands that boast real purpose and values with an aligned vision and mission stand out in the market for being a happy brand.


The position your brand takes in the market comes down to who your audience is, who your competition is and what your differences are. Your competition is already serving your intended audience so understanding their appeal as well as their strengths and weaknesses, allows you to uncover opportunities.

Your differentiator is the very thing that your audience will remember you for. What is it that makes you different from your competition?


Your audience wants to see themselves in your brand so when a brand portrays the personality of their aspirations, they resonate on a powerful level.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice and language has always been important but in today’s content driven era, its importance has been magnified.Branding at its core is all about making a connection and being remembered. One of the best ways to achieve both is by resonating with who they are, on a personal level.

Core message

The core message does not have to be a literal message to be repeated throughout all forms of communication. It can be an underlying message that can be adapted to the circumstances and environment.

It should be short enough for internal personnel to memorise but long enough to be impactful. It can be expressed in many different forms but should always drive home what you want your audience to remember you for.

Brand Identity

One of the most common mistakes made by business owners today is in thinking they have branded their business once they apply a logo.

Branding is bigger than that. The job of your brand identity is to trigger brand recall, which is the memory of the experiences your audience has had with your brand.

Brand Expression

Your brand is your reputation and therefore any interaction with your audience (brand expression) is a building block of your brand.

If you have taken the time to put together brand guidelines ensure that they are followed. Applying visual elements that look one way on your website and a different way on your social media or business card causes confusion which leads to distrust.
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