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The ‘FinTech’ sector is an area which we are particularly passionate about here at AK Creation and as a result, you will see an entire section of content devoted to it within our blog.
We will endeavour to provide our thoughts on important industry news, talk about the things we love that are happening and also to provide information to help you understand the sector.
FinTech - investment in innovation

What is ‘FinTech’?

It won’t be the biggest surprise to hear that it is simply a shortened term for ‘Financial Technology’ and covers the technology used to both deliver and receive financial services.
However, the term is actually now more commonly used to describe the cutting edge, modern technologies being developed and used to supply financial services outside of the ‘traditional’ banking process. Therefore, it is in essence, the technology which is pushing financial services forward, making it easier, more accessible, more secure and cheaper than ever before for people to use.
  • Cryptocurrency

  • Blockchain

  • Open Banking

  • InsureTech

  • RegTech

  • Crowd Funding

  • Bot Advisors

  • Smart Contracts

Why are we passionate about FinTech?

FinTech is all about innovation, new ideas and providing modern, cutting edge solutions to businesses and customers – all values which we are equally passionate about providing to our customers.
We see ourselves as perfectly placed to supply the knowhow, energy and enthusiasm to create branding and marketing strategies for providers of FinTech products and services.

Fintech in the UK

The FinTech sector continues to go from strength to strength in the UK and has seen substantial and consistent year on year growth in investment and is therefore (particularly in London) a hotbed for startups. We’re therefore perfectly located to provide our expertise and support to the brilliant, innovative companies which are powering economic growth in the UK and to make us a global leader in the FinTech sector.
FIntech in the UK
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