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“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”
George Sand
We thought there was no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to write about, and thank, some of the people we know, appreciate.... and LOVE!
Every day we are influenced by many people in a positive way and for many different reasons, some very local to us who help us in person, and some on the other side of the world who help us online without even knowing it.
Please have a read through, connect with them if you so wish, so you can LOVE them too!

David & Ellen Mote

David & Ellen have been a massive help and support to us ever since we met them 6 years ago and we cannot thank them enough.
David is also the current Mayor of Dartford (where we are located), and you couldn't ask for a more helpful and all round great guy to be Mayor of your town! They both work tirelessly supporting local charities but always find the time to pop in and say hello.
You can follow David as Mayor and on various platforms (and find how to attend their fundraising events):

Dan Knowlton

We were lucky enough to be at one of Dan's talks at a Digital in Kent conference a few years ago where we picked up tons of great tips - and ever since then the golden nuggets of information have been coming at a constant flow via his social media channels and his company website at KPS Digital Marketing.

When Dan posts a video on LinkedIn then we all stop, watch it and pay attention as a team - and we always learn things from Dan's posts. He is very much a leading influencer for us in terms of Digital, Marketing and all round business knowlegde - Thanks Dan!

We strongly advise anyone to connect with him on the below channels:

Jon Contino

Jon is the brilliant Creative Director and owner of Contino Studio and is an award winning designer who's worked with clients such as Nike, Coca Cola and 20th Century Fox (just to name a few!).

Jon's work is a regular source of inspiration for us and we know you will find it brilliant too!

Sarah Akwisombe

We think Sarah is just downright COOL! And we don't really understand how she finds the time to be so damn cool - besides running the awesome No Bull Business School she also has her own beautiful blog covering various topics from Interior Design, to Travel, to Property.

Sarah's story of turning getting fired from her job into the positive of starting her own award winning business is truly inspirational - but even better she shares how she did it.

Connect with Sarah right now:

Peter Saville

Peter is a legendary graphic designer, art and creative director who's best known for his record sleeve designs for Factory Records (just take a look and be amazed! - the Joy Division | Unknown Pleasures sleeve is a particular favourite of ours)

As if that wasn't enough, Peter has more recently worked on rebranding for huge names such as Burberry and Calvin Klein.

Peter - we salute you.

Neil Patel

Neil is quite simply - a digital guru.

He is a total whizz at SEO, Social Media, and marketing in general, and he has that rare quality of being able to explain things in simple terminology that actually makes sense!

Neil's blog is a fantastic resource for any person or company that wants to learn how to generate more traffic for their website, to succeed in the digital world today (don't miss taking a look at the tools section on his website too) and he also sends through excellent regular email newsletters in a non-intrusive way that makes you want to engage with him - total genius!

Thanks Neil - we LOVE your work.

Kaz Macklin

Although we have only recently met Kaz, we are extremely grateful how much she has made us feel welcome into the local networking community.

Kaz is very well connected throughout Kent (and also extremely well liked by all we have met) thanks to her work with the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and we are excited to work with her going forward to help develop our business.

Thank you Kaz!

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