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and Best Practices to Boost Your online tutorial Business
Regardless of your industry, instructional videos are the best delivery method if you’re serious about teaching others, growing your business, or building an online course.

Get ready

Research shows that when people look for answers to their questions, they prefer to consult a video.
  • Learning and educational content are viewed over a billion times a day on YouTube.
  • The most successful blog posts also include a video.
    (maybe I should add a video to this blog to prove a point ??)
  • 5x as many people prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it when making a purchasing decision.
Lets talk creating professional-quality training and tutorial videos.

Instructional Video

Any video that demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept, or shows someone how to do something is an instructional video. Anyone, in any industry, can create instructional videos. Examples of instructional videos you can create include:

Examples of instructional videos

  • Micro videos
  • Training videos
  • Tutorial video
  • Explanation video

How to make an instructional video with screen recording

Great videos start with great planning
  • Determine and get know your audience
  • Write a storyboard and script
  • Record your narration
  • Record your screen
  • Make edits
  • Add an intro
  • Produce and share

Know your audience

Get to know your audience and understand why they need help.
If you have a product or service, talk to your customers about how they use your product and where they struggle. Ask yourself what questions they need to be answered to be most successful. Then use that information to choose tutorial topics that will help the most people.
  • What is your topic? Pick one topic per video. Your video will be more focused, and easier to create. You’ll also ensure your video is the appropriate length to keep your viewers’ attention.
  • Who is the audience? Start with basic demographic information like education, age, professional organizations, association with other groups and then advance to their interests, concerns, and goals.
  • Why do they care about this topic? Make sure you know why your audience will care. This will ensure you address their concerns and reasons for watching the video.
  • How does it benefit them? If someone is going to invest time watching your video, what value are they going to take away?

Write a storyboard and script

Quick sketches and stick figures are perfectly fine for live video. This will help you stick to the plan and not go off topic.
After that write a short script, this will help you be efficient with what you say, saving you and your viewers time. You’re also far less likely to forget something.

Record your voice over

Get your hands on the best microphone you can find it will provide much better sound quality than the one built into your computer.
Find a quiet place to record. A low-cost solution would be a small office, cubby hole or a duvet over your head can sometimes get you a pretty similar sound.

Record your screen

Choose a screen capture or screencasting software, pick a tool with built-in recording, editing, and sharing features. It will save you time and let you do all of your work in one tool.

Edit the video

Most people feel like they need to be a professional video editor to make a nice looking video. But you don’t need expensive editing tools or a lot of knowledge to get started. You can use imovie on the Mac or Adobe on a pc.

Add a video intro

A video intro leads your viewers into your content. Keep your intro simple and to the point. Viewers want to get to the meat of your content. They don’t care about anything other than what you promised to teach them.

Produce and share

Finally, think about where your video will live. There are many video hosting options to choose from. You can share your video to an online video platform like YouTube, Vimeo, or Screencast, or you can choose to save the video as a local file. You can also share directly to your favorite social media site.
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